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Who or what is Kryptonite? Isn’t that the thing that DC comic book villains and occasionally the goddamn Batman use to fight Superman? Well, yes it is. But it’s also a band from Sweden, so let’s stay focused on that for now shall we?

Kryptonite (still the band) began when The Poodles singer Jakob Samuel met up with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (yeah, i don’t know how he had the time either, that man never seems to stop – i can only presume he doesn’t sleep and only survives by consuming the souls of lesser producers. But everything he touch seems to be great so we can forgive a little Faustian style harvesting). Together with Serafino Perugino of Frontiers Music SRL they handpicked members for their new band.

First to join the line up was bassist Pontus Egberg, formerly of The Poodles and current member of Treat, followed by ex-Eclipse and Mustasch drummer Robban Back. Mike Palace, guitarist of Palace, was brought in to complete the line up.

It really was difficult to pick out the highlights in this album, because the entire album is superb. There is a couple of power ballad(ish) songs here, in the form of “Fallen Angels” and “Knowing Both Of Us”, but other than those very good songs the entire album is just brimming with energy (perhaps the same energy they are trying to deny Superman?).

My two favourite songs on this album are incredibly melodic “Keep The Dream Alive” and the high octane guitar driven “Get Out Be Gone”.

Only just behind those are the album’s first single and opening track “Chasing Fire” and “This Is The Moment”. Likewise “Across The Water” is a great slice of radio friendly rock that would be on our radios if they actually played decent music.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10. Full of fantastic energy, great melodies and catchy hooks this is a superb piece of melodic rock. If you are a fan of melodic rock at all then you need to check this out, but especially if you are a fan of HEAT, Eclipse, The Poodles, Journey, Giant, or Treat. I highly recommend this, it is our 3rd contender for the the Paradise Rock UK Album Of The Year.

Krpytonite released their self-titled debut via Frontiers Music SRL on the 4th of August.


Jakob Samuel – vocals, Michael Palace – guitars, Pontus Egberg – bass, Robban Bäck – drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio, Pete Alpenborg, Mats Valentin – keyboards

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio

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