June 2017 #2 Music news – Gothica by TEN, Mr. Big, All 41, UK tour dates – The Bards Corner

Heather and Matt discuss the music news, including UK concert dates for FM, Vega, Graham Bonnet Band and Dirty Thrills, and talk about Gothica the 13th studio album from TEN, as well as new albums from Mr. Big and All 41.

TOUR Dates – FM, Vega, Dirty Thrills, Graham Bonnett Band

A number of UK tour dates for your calendar! Dirty Thrills, FM, Vega, and Graham Bonnett Band are all playing in the UK during the months of June and July. You can find the details below. Have fun! Read more »

TEN “Gothica” album review – out July 7th

It’s pretty much impossible to have been a fan of melodic hard rock and not have heard of TEN. The British melodic rock band, often dubbed one of the best in the genre, have been around for the last 22 years. With 12 studio albums under their belt, plus a number of EPs, live and compilation albums, they’ve certainly made their mark on the melodic rock scene. The bands lead singer and songwriter, Gary Hughes, has also made a quite a name for himself as a solo artist with 6 albums since the late 80’s, most notably with the two rock opera albums “Once and Future King” part 1 and part 2, which revolved around the legend of King Arthur and featured a host of top guest musicians from other bands. He also wrote and produced the first three solo albums by Magnum’s lead singer Bob Catley, wrote and produced “Circle Of Knives” by fellow British band Serpentine, produced Hugo’s debut and has appeared on albums by Ayreon and Vinny Burns. Read more »

The Bard’s Corner – June 2017 #1 – Album news & Angelwings debut “The Edge Of Innocence”

Matt and Heather report on upcoming albums and discuss the debut album “The Edge Of Innocence” from Angelwings, out June 23rd through Pride And Joy Music.

The Bards Corner – May 2017 #2 Jorn, TEN, Mr. Big & Blind Guardian

Matt reviews the new Jorn album “Life On Death Road”, as well as presenting news about TEN, Mr. Big, Blind Guardian, former Angra frontman Edu Falaschi, and more.

Angelwings “The Edge Of Innocence” review – June 23

Originally formed in 2013 in Gibraltar, Angelwings got together to perform covers of Nightwish songs. A year and a half later they started writing their own material, and June 23rd will see the release of the resulting debut album “The Edge Of Innocence”. In the time in between their demo tracks have seen radio airplay internationally, and they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Saxon, Kings Of Leon and Duran Duran. So how does the album hold up? Read more »

Mr Big – Making Of New Album “Defying Gravity”

Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Pat Torpey and Billy Sheehan are together again, along with producer Kevin Elson, who had previously worked with them on the classic Mr. Big albums “Lean Into It” from 1991 and also 1993’s “Bump Ahead”. The new album “Defying Gravity” will be out July 7th, but you can see a short behind the scenes video of the making of the album right here.  Read more »

Jorn – “Life On Death Road” review – out June 2

Norway’s Jorn Lande returns in June 2017 with a new band and his 9th original studio album, “Life On Death Road”. Claimed to be the biggest selling Norwegian musical export since the pop band A-Ha, Jorn’s catalogue is getting too long to include here but my favourites include Millenium and Masterplan.

For “Life On Death Road” Jorn is joined by bassist Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner, Kiske/Somerville), a musician that virtually any fan of European heavy metal fanatic will be familiar with. On keyboards and production is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints), who had also joined Jorn for the recording of his last covers album, “Heavy Rock Radio” and was the glue that helped Jorn to create the feel and the direction for the new album. Francesco Iovino (Primal Fear) is on drums and Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle) is on guitar. The result? Read more »

New album “Gothica” from melodic rockers TEN

As as anyone who knows me knows, I am a pretty huge fan (no thats not a weight joke) of British melodic hard rock masters TEN, so I was pretty pumped to hear about a new album coming out this July! You can see the press release below, and we’ll be doing a full album review in due course, but I can tell you now, this album has been one of my most eagerly anticipated albums of 2017, so get ready for “Gothica”.

Melodic hard rock band TEN has announced they will release their new album “Gothica” on July 7, 2017 via Frontiers Music Srl. The highly anticipated new album promises to be one of their strongest collection of songs to date. It is full of all the trademark textures and flavors we have come to expect from TEN, arguably one of the best and most consistent melodic hard rock bands in the genre. “Gothica” renews TEN’s longstanding association with the Frontiers label and proudly displays all the hallmarks of classic TEN albums and will surely continue to build upon the rich legacy that the great British rockers have forged over a career spanning 22 years and counting. Read more »

The Bards Corner Music News – May 2017 #1

The first May episode of The Bards Corner Music News, from The Meddlesome Meeples.

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