Six Impossible Things release new single and album

“Memory”, is the first single by Six Impossible Things’, from their album “We Are All Mad Here” due to be released by Tanzan Music on April 7th. The acoustic song, produced by Mario Percudani ( Hungryheart, Smokey Fingers) , is full of folk and punk elements mixed with catchy melodies and is mostly influenced by artists such as This Wild Life, Ed Sheeran and James Veck-Gilodi. Check it out below: 

Six Impossible Things were born in summer 2014 when they start writing their first songs. After a few months they did their first gig and they continued to play shows for the next two years, sharing the stage with artists such as Rob Moir, Omaha, Chasing Ghosts, D At Sea and Hungryheart and playing some italian festivals (Voghera Country Festival, Creature Festival, Ptec Summer Fest). In 2015 they released a couple of demos online. On january 30th 2017 the debut single “Memory” was released on Tanzan Music, anticipating the first full length album due to come in spring 2017.

Line Up:

Nicole Fodritto: Vocals

Lorenzo Di Girolamo: Guitar / Vocals

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